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Naperville, IL

Individual Coaching in the Communication Arts 

             Together all the way to success 


Welcome to 202 Tutoring, LLC! My name is Annette Hennessy and for the past 35 years, I was a Communication Arts Instructor. I taught at Naperville Central HS, in Rm. 202. In addition to teaching Honors English 1 and AP Literature and Composition, I conferenced with students on their college essays and on assignments across the curriculum in a before school program. Whether helping a student craft a stellar Common App essay, proofreading a research paper for their Humanities class, or editing a lab report for a Science-based course, I truly enjoyed the one-on-one experience. Let me bring my skills and passion for working with students to find their voice and improve their Communication Arts skills to you!   

Academic Background:

          St. Norbert College (1986), BA in English, minor in Secondary Ed

          North Central College (2004), MAEd in Curriculum and Instruction


Additional Coursework/AP Institutes:

            University of IL (Chicago), Northwestern University, University of  

            Chicago, DePaul University,  Aurora University, Carleton College,

            Illinois Wesleyan 

Subjects Taught:

      English 1, Honors English 1, English 2,

      Honors English 2, Honors English 3,                         

      Contemporary Fiction, American Literature,

      English Literature, Literary Themes/

      Independent Reading, AP Literature

      and Composition 

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Services Offered

  • Conferencing on College, Common App  and Scholarship Essays

  • Proofreading and editing assignments, specifically in the areas of Communication Arts and the Humanties

  • Preparing for the AP Literature and Comp Exam (Multiple Choice and Impromptu Essays) 

  • Discussing works of both fiction and nonfiction 

  • Interested in formal speech coaching? Contact Jennifer Vollbrecht at



In-Person Conferences are available at a Naperville or local library or a local coffee shop of your choice. 

Zoom Conferences will not be available after 9 PM.

Rate: $65/hr

Cash or checks only, please. 



     "Writing, to me, is simply thinking 

      through my fingers."

                                     -- Isaac Asimov 

     "All you have to do is write one true

      sentence. Write the truest sentence

      that you know."  -- Ernest Hemingway